Extreme photography can provide you with almost any type of photography at our studios, or at your location as our mobile studio can make any place a wonderful shooting scene without the need of a power source. At Extreme photography we provide the following main services:

 Commercial Photography

 Extreme photography can provide organization of high quality commercial photography services complying with their brand identity guidelines and more creative than expected. Our photos have been used for many years in advertising and publications of many multi-national, regional and local companies. Our commercial photography services cover, but not limited to:

  • Products: Regardless the size of your product, we can make the best pictures of it either at our studios or at your showroom.
  • Executive: We can take the best pictures of executives in action at offices and events, or for special publications at our studio.
  • Outdoor locations: Sometimes you need to take pictures of where the action takes place this can be your job-sites or production facilities. Despite the lighting environment or the location condition, we can deal with it and get high quality creative pictures.


Extreme photography did jobs for many companies in various sectors such as, telecom, hotels, construction, jewelry, cars, health, etc. For more details, visit our client list.

 Modeling Photos

Extreme photography have the needed skills and creativity to take impressive modeling pictures. If your models are ready or you need us to hire some we still can do it. Our work has been used on many magazine covers, advertising and promotional material for top international brands.

 Studio rental

If you already have your photographer or you are a photographer and need a studio to conduct your jobs, Extreme photography can rent you one of the best studios in Jordan. Our studio is 60sqm open space with 3 meter high ceiling fully equipped with top quality German lighting and all what photographers need of soft boxes, umbrellas, backgrounds, etc.

 Special photography/Adventure photography

Extreme photography can do photos beyond your expectations. We have experience in underwater photos, hiking photos, aerial photos and much more. You name it, we do it.