About us

Since found in 1992 by Iyad Mustafa Ahmad, Extreme Photography has become an important name in commercial photography in Jordan and in the region. Extreme photography’s team has performed outstanding jobs in field, studio and specialized photography, which was all showed in several major magazines such as National Geography, Sport Auto, Torque, Best Tours of Italy, and many more. In addition to jobs for multi-national’s and regional business players pamphlets, brochures, booklets, books, etc. such as GM MENA, Nissan, Red Bull, Zain, Bridgestone, STS, Jordan and Ahli bank, Aramex, Royal Jordanian, etc.

Extreme Photography main aim is to customer satisfaction by going to the extreme to deliver photographs that meet our clients’ needs. Whether the situation requires patience, timing, skill or angle, we are ready to capture the moments that matter in unique ways.

The latest technology in addition to our long expertise offer a wide range of picture types that are unrivalled in terms of clarity and sharpness. To achieve the high quality of photographs produced by Extreme Photography, state of the art equipment is used such as the very rare lens (Mamia RZ 75mm Shift), which is used to produce perspective-looking photographs of buildings and architectural photography.  In addition, to mobile studio that can be installed anywhere to achieve highest quality pictures at any location. Not only that, we can go to the Extreme and take underwater pictures, areal pictures from planes or helicopters or even hiking as high as it needs to take the perfect shot.

Our more than 15 years of expertise in all kinds of photography, has taught us how to get the most out of the surrounding environment in any location or situation which led many large commercial brands in Jordan and the region to contract us over the years.  Furthermore, Extreme photography has extensive and specialized experience in photographing motor sports and wild life, both of which require a correct first shot. Simply, there is no second chance to get your 'extreme' shot.

At Extreme photography we also have the experiences teaching photography for amateurs and professionals. All this experience is now at your service.

Expect 'Extremely' satisfying results.

Iyad M Ahmad Extreme Photography